James W. Miller, MD, PA

Services are available on site or virtually. Medical imaging studies reviewed virtually utilize an ACR/FDA accredited diagnostic computer workstation including dual 5MP color monitors. Rush turnaround available.

Primary Interpretation services

Primary interpretation of medical imaging studies for hospitals, medical imaging facilities, private health offices, etc., on site or via teleradiology. A written report is provided, along with verbal consultation when medically appropriate. 

2nd Opinion Interpretations

Thorough review of submitted medical imaging studies and associated reports. A written conclusion is provided to the contracting physician, layperson, or other requesting entity. (Not a legal service).

Case Evaluation for Merit

Separate from expert witness service and is performed prior to any legal case filings. Includes review and analysis of diagnostic images and associated medical records, virtual presentation to attorney over phone or internet, and brief written report, if requested.

Medical Expert Witness

Comprehensive case review, including review of all relevant diagnostic images and medical records, depositions, interrogatories, expert opinions, affidavits, responses, complaints, etc., will be performed. Verbal discussions with attorney, and written report if required, are included with the initial retainer fee.

Electronic delivery of medical images and case materials preferred. Courier delivery accepted.
Complete fee schedule available on request.